Top quality, perfectly crafted translations between Czech and English

Tyneslators is the working name of Josef Srejber and Rachel Thompson, a Czech-English couple living in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England.

Working closely together as a bilingual team, we can provide native-quality translations from both English into Czech and Czech into English. We pride ourselves on producing carefully crafted, stylish writing that does not read like a translation, and working as a team gives us a unique advantage in this respect, since we have both a native speaker’s understanding of the source text and a native speaker’s writing ability. To further safeguard the quality of our work, we work to the provisions of the DIN 2345 quality standard (the only internationally recognised standard specifically designed for the translation industry), carefully research all terminology in specialist dictionaries and online, and review all our work thoroughly before returning it to the client.

We specialise in:

  • Medicine and pharmaceutics (journal articles, clinical trial documentation, patient information leaflets etc.)
  • Academic writing (scholarly articles, dissertations, etc. from the humanities and social sciences)
  • IT/computing (hardware and software user assistance material – manuals and user guides)
  • Marketing (advertising texts, websites, brochures, promotional material)
  • Science and mathematics (scientific articles, research proposals etc.)
  • Arts (linguistics, literary and critical theory, literature, fine art)
  • Editing (stylistic and grammatical improvement of all types of text)
  • Proofreading (thorough cross-checking of the translation against the original)

Specialist review

For specialist and technical texts, we have access to a network of professionals (lawyers, doctors and other specialists) who are able to provide advice on terminology and a full review service where required.

Translation software

Where it’s of benefit, we make use of TRADOS™ translation memory software for our translations. Not to be confused with machine translation, in which texts are translated automatically by computer (often to unintentionally comical effect), computer-aided translation (CAT) tools work together with the translator to make the translation process more reliable. By “remembering” all the translations entered into them, these “translation memory” tools help ensure consistency of terminology for every text we translate, even if they’re months apart, and can considerably speed up the translation process.

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